Monday, November 9, 2009

moving along.....

another good crazy training and that leaves time for the kids, family, projects ( well didn't really do any projects but thought about them) With lacrosse and soccer in full swing it is amazing how I can leave for the first game and 8:30 and not be done until 2:00. It's all good and with so many friends on the teams it makes for nice socialization.

Big weekend for JD's team....another win. they are in 1st place, 2 games to go. If they win, they win the league and move up a division. Big deal for the boys. We are taking it week by week- checking off the wins and looking to the next one.

Had hoped for a nice run on Saturday but my ankle decided otherwise....swollen and painful, not a good time to run. So I went to Starbucks instead after dropping off Riley to warm up. I did get a project done this weekend- a big presentation/bid. I scrapped all my old presentations, powerpoints etc and started fresh- it took time but I really like the way it came out and hopefully it will get me the face to face meeting.

Sat night JB and I watched Everlasting Moments, a Swedish movie set in the early 1900's. We enjoyed it...but be warned this is not a light hearted comedy.
JB and I had a good ride on Sunday....seems our new route is Elfin Forest, but we took a detour ad JB thought we could take a cool road up and over a neighborhood and drop into Elfin. Well the road we turned on, Mt Israel (off Del Dios near Lake Hodges by the Pottery Shop) climbs 500 feet in .6mile. Not sure what the grade is, but it was steeper than anything I have been on. Out of the saddle steep and hoping not to fall off my bike. HR was near 190 just trying to make it up the hill. Only to find out the road we hoped to turn on was closed to the public and after 2 dogs came barking and racing into our path did we turn around and head back down. Riding down was precarious as I hardly wanted to go flying onto Del Dios Hwy and get run over....rode the brakes all the way down. See JB loves to adventure and check things out and me, well, stick to the route. But see this is the off season so a detour here and there is not a big deal. I am trying...really. I know I need to lighten up a bit :)

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  1. Did you see the donkeys on top? Got to love the spouses sense of adventure.