Monday, February 16, 2009

Washington DC

Up at 4:15 am, not to swim/bike or run but to get to the airport for a flight to DC for business. Cold and rainy and flight was 100% full. Forced to check my bag at the gate, overhead was full, spilled my Starbucks.....not the way to start a Monday morning. Quick change in Chicago and then arrived in DC in time for meetings and dinner...... Long day but I guess it is days like this that make up for all the times I play hooky and ride my bike in the middle of the week.

Another long day tomorrow but will be back home in SD tomorrow night. Maybe sneak in a run in the AM, but we are meeting at 7am (will be 4am PST) Maybe a day off???

Had a great Sunday though....planned a group work out with GOTRIbal and it rocked. 6 women showed up for a nice ride, 1 hour, ez pace and all levels. Followed by a 2o minute run and a lot of great chatter and good talking. Lots of questions, practice with clipping in/out etc. A few getting back on the bike after a while, it was good. I think everyone had a good time and felt good about the workout. It was a great active recovery after the Century Ride.

John and I did a nice afternoon run, chilly out and perfect running weather!

Had a terrific dinner with Mom and Billy. Made a ginger meatloaf- very different but was quite delicious. Roasted sweet potatoes (super food) and a delicious Spinach salad. Good hearty food and refueling after a lot of training on Saturday.

Kids are with their Dad and house is quiet. They are headed back Monday, but I will be in DC. I am sure they will drum up some good times with John. No school for a week - ah to be a kid again! Vacation, vacation, vacation. Kids wanted to go to Mammoth as we usually do, but we are headed to Aspen in 2 weeks. Can only do so much. I am sure they will do fine sleeping in and chilling with their friends.

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