Monday, February 9, 2009


Day off of training.....Whoo Hoooo

So I have to comment on this book...groundswell:winning in a world transformed by social techniques. I became so engrossed in the book, I purchased it in audio format as well because I simply do not have the time to read it. Groundswell is the first book on social media I've ever read. One review said " This book is great...if you're not from the Facebook generation." Well I am not and the book is riveting, it has woken up a new part of my brain. I am getting it now. It is a fantastic book on the subject, whether you own a business, are a part of a business or have an interest in business. I think about it all the time and it has given me great ideas..

I say a day off training, well nothing scheduled but. I did have a Bike Fitting at Moment Cycle Sport in Pt Loma. My (new) favorite bike shop. Over 2.5 hours for the fitting, a lot of riding (so much for a day off) and the result is a new very aggressive position. I am excited and scared to ride Wednesday. New saddle, had to accommodate the new position, raised saddle 4 cent, lowered aero bars and shortened the distance in the cockpit. I hope I don't shoot off the front. JT had it even more aggressive but I want to give this a go and we can always adjust.

GOTRIbal is growing and T and I had a good meeting today and agreed to keep the growth as our major focus for now, it is organically growing and we want to keep the energy in the site and get the numbers up. Peple are digging it and we want to keep that going. Kristen is working on race kits and I FINALLY found a supplier or shirts ( I think) so we are about to go into product sales.

Ended the day with nice family dinner- love when we can all connect after the mayhem of the day. Riley skipped swim due to the 40 degrees, 40mph winds and sideways rain. No soccer for JD with all the rain, so we squeezed in few hands of Rummy before bed.

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