Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Up early and ready to go! Feeling great. Walked the dogs, kids off to school and packed up the car, bike, and the gear and headed to El Cajon for the Great Western Loop. All is good with Jen and E. Off we go and within 15 minutes the Achilles starts to swell, I ignore and chatter away. We begin climbing and it is progressively getting worse.....conversations with myself began to happen. 1- suck it up and ride..but what if I tear or rupture the tendon, then I am out for weeks- no Oceanside 70.3 and how bummed would I be. 2- ride for a bit and then decide. okay be honest, it hurts and there is a problem. 3- consider, actually consider turning around and going back to the car. We stop at our usual pee spot, 30 minutes in and I say it, I actually said. I have to go back. The girls stare at me, open jawed...silence. Comment, "she must be in pain." Lots of support- yes, be smart, doing the right thing, blah, blah, blah.

But I do it and sadly ride back, although in about 10 minutes I see a girl ahead and chase her down. We ride for the next 20, at a mildly uncomfortable pace. She is a Cat 2 Roadie- very cool, would be fun to ride a with her. Michelle but did not get any more info...she rides out there a lot, will have to keep an eye out for her.

Drowned my sorrows at Starbucks and went to see KP for some ART. Very swollen and he starts in on me, as a good coach should. What was I thinking......injured, would it heal in one day, no. He did change my schedule and made today a day off or a swim, but I was convinced 2 days off of riding and acupuncture and I was good to go. He asked if he needed to call and chat with John....pretty much like when the principal in school calls your parents.

I leave, feeling better and mentally worse and head to the pool. Pounded out 4500 yards and did some hard 100's. Had to burn off the power breakfast I had eaten in anticipation of a 4 hour ride.

Home to work.....not very effectively though, frustrated and cranky. Read a lot about the Achilles Tendon and then decided to make sure skiing will not aggravate it- does not look like it. Feeling better, took Zen for a 20 minute run and it felt good and then not so good. Hello, will I learn......I am trying. Did a good core workout and then onto the kids.

John extended his trip so will not be home until tomorrow night, cutting it a bit close for our trip....but he says no work on Friday. Hopefully not, we are out of there Friday at noon. Booked the Pups as the CA Bed and Biscuit, camp for dogs.

Ordered some books.....going to travel need books. Outliers: The Story of Success, Gladwell and Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else. Will see what they bring......

Read for bed and JD is still at lacrosse.....9:10- this is crazy! It is freezing outside as well- temperature dropped tonight. Speaking of weather.....hoping for a nice storm to hit Aspen on Saturday- if anyone has any pull, appreciate it and thanks!

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  1. Sounds like turning around was the wise choice. Hope all is well soon and have a great weekend!