Saturday, February 21, 2009

San Diego Tri Club

SD Tri Club has got to be one of the best clubs out there....Did the February Duathalon this morning and it rocked. Not too far from home.....Rode my bike there (10 miles) and then did the Duo 2.2 run/14bike/2.2 run. Hammered the race and beat most of the boys....3 came in ahead of me. Felt good to go hard out there. John did the race and it was fun to see him out on the course. I ran back and ran the last mile in with him. Post race enjoyed delicious fruit and bagels (compliments of the tri club) Once I was fueled, I rode the long way home to add another hour bike ride. Legs were tired indeed coming back home.

Started the weekend off right with some good friends over for dinner.... Great company, good food and lots of laughs. JD hung with the adults all night while the girls...well were tween girls. We played a massive game of Spoons. 10 people and it was harrowing. Lots of shouting, grabbing and a bit of cheating at the other end of the table I would guess. 9:30 I kicked everyone out....had to be up at 5:30 for the duathalon.

Terrific Saturday it has both at lacrosse at various hours of the day. JD has tryouts for HS Lacrosse and he came home feeling confident- still 3 more days, but he seems to feel he will make JV. My mom took Riley and some friends Ice cool is that. The final word is her future is probably not on the ice, sore knees...but nothing a good Ben & Jerry's did not rectify.

I have been struggling with Quickbooks....enough work for today. Making some dinner and going to have some movie time with the kids. John is off to Boston tomorrow for another business trip and then we all head to Aspen on Friday - WooHoo!!! Cannot wait. John and kids are back on Monday and I am staying until Wed to tear it up with my Bro.

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