Tuesday, February 10, 2009


38 degrees on the pool deck....something is just plain wrong when the swim coach has on ski pants, parka, hat and gloves and I am in a bathing suit. Thanks goodness for heated water. After about 200yards I was warmed up and ready to go. Put in another awesome swim- 5000 yards. Feeling good and making the intervals I was watching click by last month.

Nice run after the swim, sore calves, oh yeah. All those hills on Sunday created monster knots but they loosened up and the run was easy and nice. Still chilly though.

Famished I was astonished how quickly 2 large bagels disappeared on my way home. Sometimes I am alarmed at how hungry I can get these days and gee what a surprise an hour later all the carbs burned up and I needed protein. PB is good for that- I let the dogs lick the spoon when I am done and it is amazing the joy it brings them. They know it too, the slight noise of the lid coming off and they come racing in the kitchen, they can be REM sleep, twitching and dreaming and the jar makes 1/2 round and there they are, tongues falling our, tails wagging. Funny dogs.

Afternoon was NOT fun, 4+ hours at the courthouse to testify against our thieving housekeeper. How can there be a trial- he stole over $10K of goods from us, was caught, all of it was found in his house....what can his defense be?? Oh maybe this is the comeback of the twinkie defense?? No idea.....

Raced home to find.......nice Riley forgot to put Rocky in his kennel so he raided the cupboard, 4 cliff bars, entire bag of Snyders pretzels, tried to open the granola and got full and dug up 3 plants trying to bury the rice crackers. Grrrrrrrrr hope he has a horrible stomach ache!

Dogs.....what more can I say.

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