Saturday, February 14, 2009

Palm Springs Century Ride

Great ride......John and the dogs and I headed out Friday around the rain and the traffic. 3 hours later though pouring rain we arrived at the Westin Mission Hills. My contact at the hotel hooked us up with a fantastic suite, stocked with the perfect pre- Century Ride food and drinks. Even some Red Bull for race morning. And of course the Heavenly Dog Beds and bowl set up. Rocky and Zen were in heaven. We settle in and hope for clear skies....

Up at 6 and it is crystal clear and blue skies. Hooray- off we go to meet KP and Tat. Late registration and we are rolling by 7:15 Huge winds, 45 degrees and the first 40 miles is a lot of uphill. I am thinking with will be a long, long day. After 10 the winds die a bit and I get in a good groove. The cool thing about cycling is the pace lines.....lots of drafting in this sport, not like Triahlon. I am cruising along, grooving to music, thinking I am riding alone and realize I have someone on my wheel, no biggie. He takes a pull for a bit, wow nice break from the wind and I take over and he hangs on the back. I look back to see if he is interested in pulling and am shocked to see there are 10 guys backed up and no one is looking like they want to pull and I am getting tired fighting the head wind. Finally another guy on a TT bike takes the lead with increasing speed and I am working hard.

At 50, I take a break at the the SAG to wait and regroup with Kevin and Tat. Love the catered rides- PB&J.s, M&M's and more. John and the pups are at there to greet us so I split a Cliff Bar for Rocky and Zen- they are loving life.

Off we go and begin to work hard the 2nd 1/2, not too long thereafter a guy pulls up and encourages me to jump on his wheel and off we go. It was all I could do to hang on. Great to be pushed like that and then he falls off for me to pull, ugh! I am doing my time and a guy rips past us and they guy behind me takes off and is waiving me to come - up out of the saddle I go and I am dying, but we catch the guy and the 3 of us work together though 75. Each taking 1 mile turns and working hard. They stop for food and I keep going- want to ride straight through and pull out the smashed, best tasting PB&J for fuel for the last 25. Rode off and on with a group and about 10 miles out, pulled up on 2 guys and pass them. All I hear is "no way we cannot let her go" and off they go and try to drop me. I am riding hard to stay on their wheel. Every light they sprint off and ahead and then I catch up and cruise by and they sprint past me. This cat and mouse went to the was great fun for me especially because on of the guys was really pissed. Last mile I took off and that was it! Girl Power :) Gotta love it .......I wish I had one of those jerseys I DROP BOYS....

Awesome ride, great day- terrific to have John and the dogs there.... Venti iced Mocha, gallon of water over my head in the parking lot, clean clothes and food and we are off. Nice Valentines getaway!

Back in SD and the rain did not come but it is cold.....out with the dogs and is 48. Brrrrr
Nothing like a 103 miles so I can indulge on Valentines Day Cookies!

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