Friday, August 28, 2009


The great news is that it's Friday!!! Hooray.....and the not so great news is that we are having a massive heat wave. I am talking 90+ degrees. After a sleepless night due to heat I was up and had to get my run in before the temperatures spiked. It was quite pleasant at 6am so the pups and I had a nice start to the day.....before the oppressive sun came out.

Kids off to school, a bit of work and then off to the cove to swim with E.

You would think we would ditch our wetsuits, it is a sauna outside....but no, the water is 72, but for an hour that gets chilly. So we are sweating, melting, staggering down to the water. Can you feel the drama. Ahhh into the cool water, very cool water right near the beach. And off we go- very interesting swim, water was very green and we were very slow.....Hard to describe but we simply were not moving very fast and not because there was a current, it was just us. Watching us come back to shore was all too funny, with the minuscule waves pushing out, we are knocked off our feet as if there is 10 foot surf.. We make our way to the shower, complaining about everything, commiserating together. Next thing I know, E is standing there hardly clothed, as if she is in a private changing room. She was so out of it, she forgot we were on the grass at the bloody Cove AND summer is not over. Once this comes to realization, we start laughing so hard we could not stop. Tears streaming down our faces, doubled over and now totally wiped out...we make our trek up the hill to our cars.

Another day in the world of training for Ironman

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