Sunday, August 9, 2009

End of a week.....

Sunday was almost a day of rest.....1 hour run! Compared to some other days that was peaceful. Tired legs indeed. Looking at next week of training I am expecting a miracle recovery tonight. Who are the recovery gods.... okay all you super religious types, please don't get aggressive on me. Gods are religious and pagan too.

Productive day..... kids registered for school, finished an online class, made an awesome dinner that I was so happy to share with D and K. Living near family is priceless..... When you cook for others who are gourmet chefs it can be intimidating but well, do what we can and feel good about it. Ultimately it is the company and maybe the wine ;) that really counts right! The dogs are satiated, house guests = bones, and when you are a dog that is what ranks #1.

Well my Grandmother use to close her letter with "have to get this downstairs to the mailman" so my closing is.... I have a big brown dog breathing on my legs....he must go out nor or....well you know :)

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