Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Animals, animals, animals

Great swim in the LJ Cove with E....well maybe not so great. I am tired, tired, tired...did I say I was tired. And not from late nights and out partying. So today was just a swim- off loaded the run and bike to see about some recovery. Thank goodness for friends and training partners to motivate you to a workout. Cove was packed with kids and off we went. E and I manage to actually have conversations while we swim, I cannot even describe it as we are swimming most of the time, but makes the time pass quickly. As we approached the shores...there were so many sting rays and the leopard sharks were all over and super shallow. When we stopped we were so shallow we were on our knees...then the daunting swim back and I was tempted to grab a shark and see if he could or would pull me, but well did not. And then in the middle, over the deepest part, where you cannot see the bottom a big, big fish goes by and I pop up quickly. Don't panic, was...well not sure. Looked like a big tuna, do tuna swim in the cove? Well in my mind I surely like the thought of Charlie the Tuna vs know an animal that rhymes with lark.

So that was the adrenaline shot needed to cruise back to the cove....and of course the Garibaldi and other beautiful cove fishes were all over.

Swim to hang with the kids a bit. Last day of summer for them.

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