Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Working hard and chilling in Chicago right now waiting to get home..... Flight is delayed over an hour and is very oversold. I have a seat and a boarding pass, thankfully. 2.5 hours is enough time in the airport. So why are there only 2 sets of plugs in this entire boarding area- 6 gates, 100's of people, most with laptops and cell phones and very few outlets? Maybe it is not that simple, but throw down a few power strips. Come on, no liquids, $4 for a bottle of water, $3.50 for a power bar, can they at least offer up a plug for my phone and computer?

It was freezing this morning..... a balmy 29 degrees and I attempted a run outside. There are some terrific trails outside the hotel in Reston VA. I figured how cold can it be, well it was cold. Oh right and did I mention I had shorts on. After the shock of the cold, I see 2 guys running in tights, jackets, hats and gloves....first clue that I was not going to last long. Oh well, scurried back to the gym only to find all the treadmills full. Spent a bit of time on the Elliptical and had to get ready for the day. Today was a scheduled day off so no real loss of training. The good news is I found a Starbucks- so Venti Latte and I am ready to go.

Had some great meetings and am traveling with a very cool client so that makes it less painful. Good company, great conversation... she too has a dog with separation anxiety, so we swapped neurotic dog stories for hours.

Have had a lot of time to read....am reading Losing My Virginity, Richard Branson's autobiography and it is very entertaining. JD picked up the book last week and brought it to me and sheepishly asked, is this what I think it is about? Without flinching I said, what do you mean? Poor kid, mortified and we all had a good laugh. I am sure he kept seeing it wondering what kind of erotic book I was reading, maybe even checked it out and saw no pictures so gave up.

So Facebook continues to amaze me. 4 more connections from High School and Swimming. Total blast from the past and it is great fun to reconnect. I even learned that there is an informal, eeks 25 year reunion, this summer. I may just fly up to SF as the few people I remember from HS are back in touch with me so it would be fun. Amazing how so many people use to say that emails and computers are so unsocial whereas such social networking sites reconnects so many people and is the total opposite. It is great to be on travel and still have an idea of what people are doing at home etc.

Off in search of food......as the next 3.5 hours will bring a measly drink only in these luxurious times for travel.

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  1. Good morning Julie! It is great that you have a blog. I only see benefits from writing. This entry really resonated. We are in tough times and some companies are not seeing the opportunity to change course. I am very active on Facebook, Twitter and Linked IN and I am back in touch with old friends and making new business connections. To be connected has real meaning. Here in Reno we have monthly Tweetups and more groups are meeting face to face. I just know that these meet ups will help everyone involved. I just finished reading Guy Kawasaki's Reality Check, I highly recommend this book, it is perfect for our business.


    Michael Landau