Monday, February 23, 2009

Tour of California

The big boys, (well skinny boys with big quads) rolled through San Diego yesterday for the Professional Cycling Race Tour of California. Stage 9 went through Rancho Bernardo and around the county up Mt Palomar and back. I could not get to Palomar as it entailed an entire day due to road closures etc. so I did the next best and went up Highland Valley Road to watch them come up. It was crazy....over 100 people on the hillside, on rocks, drawing with chalk in the street, some dressed up crazy and we waited. The police came, followed by 20 some odd "official" cars and finally the announcer comes by to say they are 5 minutes back and they are riding 35 on the flats and will be climbing soon. The lead Motorcycle came up and then there was Levi and a few others, the peleton was seconds back and they rode right by. So close, you could touch them hear them breathing and pedaling along. Lance was mid pack but I did spot him up close, missed the photo of course because I was a bit star struck. It was great- cowbells, whistles and screaming fans. My mom was with me but she was 1+miles up the hill as she could not get down to the steep grade where I was, but she strongly encouraged me to go, so I did. It was great and I am so excited for the Tour de France. We will have 4 days to be amongst the crazies and yell and cheer. It was fantastic so see so many San Diego fans out there, all along the course. Such fantastic support for a sport this has not been that popular in the US.

Could not get JD or Riley to come. JD said "why, can't I just see them in France?" Well he has a point and I did leave at 10:30 when he was just rolling out of bed. Riley had lacrosse practice, girl has her priorities.

I got up Sunday and did a quick swim and a short run, but had to bail out due to my Achilles. My new bike fit is giving me problems.... must be the saddle height. I am a bit frustrated but am going back tomorrow to have him re look, measure and see if we can figure out the trigger point. But an injury now is definitely not acceptable. My calves are also killing me.....must be from the Duathalon- fast running on my toes I suppose, but they are rock hard and sooo painful.

John is back in MA for work, back to fix the same problem he went for 2 weeks ago. He unfortunately missed the Tour excitement. He would have loved it. Going to be a short week as well head to Aspen Friday- woohooo! Want to get some good training in before I go and so some cross training in the snow.

Kids back at school today after a week off and they both had vacation early, so boring, such a long day. Oh to be a teenager again!

Got in a nice swim today and a short bike ride- bit of pain but think I may be on the mend.....will see. Had KP treat me with ART so that is always good. Delicious dinner of BBQ chicken and rice the most wonderful Japanese salad from Costco of all places- organic cucumbers, carrots, peppers in a ginger dressing. Delicious, low fat and fresh! New favorite.

Zen is whining....take me out, take me off we go for our 3rd walk of the day. Gotta love dogs right :)

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