Friday, February 6, 2009

Swimming in the Rain

Rain, rain.....finally in San Diego! We need it.

Wonderful swim at 7:30 this AM at UCSD, cold and rainy but nice in the pool. Awesome, awesome work out- 5500 yards. I have not swam that far since college. It was nice, I was feeling tired by the end but was great to get the yardage in.

Jen and I optimistically had our bikes in hopes of a ride, but it was off to Swim West for the most phenomenal sale....everything 40% off. I am loaded up with goggles, swim bag. $200 of gear, $140 tab- cannot beat that. And it was a friggen reunion at the store....Darcy, Diana, Suzy and a few other familiar faces - hard to recognize since they did not have caps and goggles on.

Raced home for a few work calls....blah, blah, blah. Actually it all worked out. Major issue with Mandalay Bay worked out, thank you very much. Not easy but client is happy and we can move on. Traveling to DC with another client week after next...virtually impossible to get into DC for less than $1000 from SD! Who says no one is traveling, well if they offered a fare that is reasonable maybe, just maybe more people would. And nothing nonstop- hate the thought of going through Chicago in Feb, may end up sleeping there. And then when I pony up to pay and reserve seats....middle seats only. Arrrrggghhhh

GOTRIbal up to over 60 members!! Rock it and we had our first contact for sponsorship/advertising and she came to us! How cool is that- so now we have to get moving and get the website ready for the next level. Trying to find a reasonable vendor for custom shirts- sooo expensive for technical shirts with our awesome logo. Still looking as people are asking.

Squeaked in a bike ride this afternoon, between showers, nice local 90 minute ride. Legs are carrying fatigue from Wed ride and run yesterday so kept it enjoyable and no hammering.

Had great intentions of homemade enchiladas for dinner- Dad and Kathi coming over. Got busy working on a project for work and had to punt and make enchilada casserole. The recipe said DON'T use low fat or nonfat sour cream, so of course I did and well it breaks down and we had enchilada soup. Nice presentation (not), my sassy son asks for a spoon. Well the company was good and the yams were delicious and Rocky and Zen scored with the Enchiladas Soup left overs. Nice dinner with D/K, love having them in San Diego. It has been so enjoyable to see them on a regular basis and for the kids to spend more time with them as well.

What better way to end the day than a game of Spoons with my kids and friends. I am the master of this game and have never lost....until tonight when JD offered me an apostrophe so I would not lose. Gotta love that.

Dead tired and gotta get some sleep! TGIF


  1. We've been saved on that DC route from SFO by Virgin America. I've been paying $109 each way. Maybe they will add a direct route for you guys down the road.
    Totally jealous of your swim workout!

  2. To fly Virgin from San to DC I have to go via NY.....10 hours later- argh! Maybe they are trying to keep Californian's out of DC, not that was the last administration.