Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great Western Loop

Love it, love it, love it. E and I had an awesome ride, chilly at the start but warmed up and a crystal clear day. Cannot beat the scenery and very little traffic. I honestly think the ride is getting easier, we did not hammer it,but it was respectable pace and of course our non stop chatter makes the ride fly by. 2.5 hours of hilly enjoyment.

The new bike set up.....interesting. The saddle height was pretty easy to get use to but the aero bars, holy cow.... I was afraid I would shoot off the front, but slowly settled in. Going to take a bit of time, but most of the ride was not aero so I did not have as much time to adjust.

So yesterday was E's bday and she gives me a gift. But I love it, love it, a new cycling kit. Cannot wait to sport it in Palm Springs on Saturday, that is as long as the torrential rains do not keep me out of the Tour de Palms Springs.

Busy work day, very good in these times. New client- gotta love that!!! A lot of balls in the air and that is good. I have my new mobile office and seem to work at 3-4 Starbucks around town, quite efficient I am finding. Go for a bike ride and hang and work in Starbucks for a few hours, run a few errands, stop for a few calls, meeting with someone on the way home. Living out of my car basically but making it all happen.

Kit design is done for GOTRIbal and it is awesome!!!! Waiting on pricing and timing and we are going to order, they are going to ROCK. Cannot wait so see awesome women racing in the awesome gear or better to see a group of women cruising down HWY 1 all in matching

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