Saturday, February 7, 2009


So I have the day all planned out....

Early AM bike ride, home in time to get Riley to the lacrosse tournament and while she is warming up I get my run in. So up at 6 and ready to go.....change in times and location for the tournament due to rain. No problem....will ride a bit later and as I head out, torrential rain, optimistically I keep riding, it won't last long. 10 minutes later, saturated I come home. No problem can run in the rain and off we go (Zen, Rocky and me) We have to avoid the trails due to the mud, but we can hang on the streets..... First we see a cat (whats up with that, cats hate water right?) and the dogs go nuts, barking and running like crazy animals. I finally get them under control and Rocky decides to limp, the old drop dead sprint at this old age and he pulls a muscle or something. We stroll is after 9 and I have not done anything. Drop off Rocky and take Zen, he is running an hour whetere he likes it or not, and it is not....45 minutes into the run, our pace slows dramatically, he was not into a tempo run. We get home, kids are just waking up- how nice to be a teenager and I decided to ride again...and then not, the rain returns. Abandon the bike and head to the pool only to share it with the Water Aerobics class. It was a nice simulation for an Ironman mass swim start- very washing machine like.

The real exciting of my day comes next...prep for my tax appointment on Thursday. I waste a good 2 hours on everything from facebook, reading the paper, cleaning up, doing laundry....As soon as I really get started I realize it is time to now go to the new scheduled time for lacrosse. Mind you it is pouring and 53 degrees. I pile on winter clothes, gortex, hat and gloves as we may be there a long time.....Off we go, drop of Riley and park in the rain only to find out, we actually are not even playing today. I ask no questions and silently drive home. Riley is at the tournament where other teams are playing....JD has been there all day working the snack bar for community service hours. He says they are feeding him. With as much as he eats, I hope they make a profit.

I come home to 2 hysterical dogs, begging for a walk. I remind them that they had an opportunity for a nice long run and they both bailed out. They wag and wiggle and act like they have been locked in a cave for a week. And then the whining starts......look outside and it's not raining so we take off, you know it, 2 minutes in the walk the skies open up. I have now changed my clothes 4 times today due to torrential rain. You would think we live in Seattle.

Really the issue here is that I am not enjoying the opportunity the rain brings.....put on sweats, build a fire, make tea and read all day. Ah maybe next time. Because I still have 2 kids to pick up and neither wants to come home at the same time, but I am only going to pick up 1 time. Will see how that works out. One of them can get soaked for the 1st time today.

John in en route coming home and I am so happy.....seems he was gone for a month, was really a week. I miss my hubby,. Sometimes travel is a good reminder of how much we depend on each other. And the dogs are getting tired of me talking to them - they listen earnestly but only for key,walk, treat, out and when they don't hear them, they fall asleep. John really does listen to me or at least fakes it.

So I have abandoned my tax duties and become engrossed in groundswell, the book. Riveting...more later when I have read more of it.


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