Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dudley's Bakery

Some hear Dudley's and think bread, pie....I think of Dudley's as one of the best bike rides in San Diego. KP (coach), Jen and Toby (from Tulsa) and I met at Lake Miramar, ready to roll at 7:30. Crisp but already warming up fast and we are rolling up Scripps Poway Parkway toward Ramona. Kept a nice steady pace and pushed the pace on the hills. Finally got off the main road and onto the back roads in Ramona and it was beautiful. Steady climbing and a headwind. 2:30 ride time to Dudleys and they were closed......Thankfully the market was open to refuel- Starbucks Double Espresso a can, Jen and I were all over that. More calories and water and off we went. Screaming down the road, downhill with a tail wind- the hour climb into Dudley's was 30 minutes back down. At the bottom Toby says " Dad, can we do that again?" As we roll through Ramona he comments, "this is why we do this." Spectacular day and good company.

Back at the lake 12:30, 4:30 ride time, 75 miles and just over 5000 total elevation gain. Good ride and we pushed it hard enough to feel like we put in the miles.

Off to Panera for meeting with T about GOTRIbal. Moving along well. Bree Wee, another Pro is on board and Heather Golnick has shown interest as well. The support is exciting and now I am working on shirts, hats, gear for the women.

Cruised home for a quick walk with the pups, JD off to soccer and then settled in for some HPN hours. Tough times in the hotel business, hotels are dropping room rates, lower that the group negotiated rates....So I have a (rightfully so) very unhappy client. Managed that through the afternoon and had hoped to do some proactive work but did not happen. With the kids busy with homework, I was able to work through the evening and get 1/2 my list completed and the rest started on.

The house is a mess, laundry needs to be done, but well, other priorities right now!

John called and it was snowing in MD, hard to fathom as I had to apply sunscreen during the ride today. He is working hard and off to MA this morning and back home Saturday.

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