Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what next.....

Being home is wonderful, being sick is not. It has been nearly a week and I am still hurting. My ears have not cleared since the airplane so I find I am talking loudly, have my phone volume maxed out and sometimes feel like I am underwater. My head is still so congested it too feels foggy. I had dreams of getting back to San Diego and hitting the training hard, but my training has been getting up and going downstairs, working, and going back upstairs. Walking the dogs is now like a long run for me. Winded riding my Mountain Bike 2 miles with the dogs. What is the sickness and when will it be departing my body?

I am not a good patient.....I wish I could lay in bed, sleep and relish the excuse to be unproductive. But I want to have energy, feel good and go, go, go. Not happening. I have been sleeping a couple hours each day and well went to bed at 8, So listen to my body.

Today I woke up able to breath! Big step, hear, what? not really, but I'll take what improvement comes my way. I have resisted most medications as I am trying to figure out what is going on. Meds these days clear it up, mask it all and then you don't know if you are well or just drugged.

3 paragraphs on being sick...see what happens when I am not training, what I am left to blog about. So I have run the cycle of what next? I have pondered and considered it all, Ironman Arizona, SOMA 70.3, NY Marathon....and more but have put that idea to bed. NO more this year. Take the time, recover, enjoy non scheduled training to keep my fitness, get back in the Gym and build some strength and then look to Oceanside 70.3 in April followed but the next key race Ironman St George May 9th. This makes being sick a touch easier as I am not stressed about losing a week of training, panicked about losing fitness etc. I can enjoy the break, well not really, but sounds good anyway.

Dogs seem most pleased to have me home. Although all they do is sleep all day, they seem to like company while they are sleeping. Rocky has come over and licked me a few times each day, just saying glad you are home!

So I did the painful process of a post race report for KP. Tough to do! But well, it is good to put it all on paper, analyze the power and JR from the bike and see the 8 miles of the run. Looking at the bike, my HR was 20 bpm too high for the 1st 20 minutes on the bike, not the way to start a race, my power was a bit high but not so high to derail a race. The 1st hour my HR was over 1/2 Ironman pacing, again power was not, but my body was working at a level for a 1/2 Ironman not a full. So that is where the lesson is learned, when HR is high, pay attention and adjust your efforts. My power was rigth where is should have been so when I was riding and seeing the data, I ignored HR and focused on power. But lesson learned, if HR is high and you ignore it, things go wrong much later, especially when it is 90 degrees. The 2nd 1/2 of the ride shows the beginning of the end...power steadily declining and then HR declining as well. The run was well pathetic, each mile I survived was 30-45 seconds slower that the previous mile and mile 8 which I really thougtht I was running was an 11:30 - yikes! And then it just stopped and well we know the story from there. Seems being sick raised my HR and with a HR too high, body cannot assimilate calories and fluids and without those 2 in Hawaii you are done. So what do you do if you are sick going into an IM, KP says a lot of people don't race...I cannot imagine going that far and saying, well not today. I think I would race but would have to take all expectations off, slow down, manage HR and know that the time would not be where I wanted but the goal would be to do the race. I have never suffered the way I did the last 90 minutes on the bike and on the run- so I am sure that feeling will be a good reminder for a long, long time!!

So for now, catching up on work and doing some good proactive work as well. Hired a web designer to launch Time to get the real site up and running and get this thing, web forum and more. Cycling jerseys and shorts are in and they totally rock!!! I think I am going to drive out to IM Arizona and see if I can really push the gear, website and get some good energy going on this venture!!

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