Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post Kona....

So how am I feeling today.....physically I am sick- head cold and sore throat are miserable, but more so, my ego and psyche are bruised. Realistically I know I could not have continued, although, with a day of perspective it seems like somehow I could have, should have, walked or found a way. But then I do recall how I felt and that was scary too. So not the post Kona day I had imagined.

What did I imagine....really sore, emotional high, soaking in the Island, drinking Mai Tai's. So intstead I am seeking cold meds, changed my flight and am heading home. Spent the morning with my bro and his family. Great fun and love to see my niece and nephew in the pool. Kids are a great distraction. My muscles are fine, minor soreness, but really yesterday was a long training day after a big taper. I have done longer days after training 15 hours that week. So other than the sickness, my body feels good.

So I took a nap, cleaned my bike and took it apart. I am getting good at this bike maintenance. Frustrated at this bike...okay not the bike I love my Kestrel, frustrated with SRAM RED. The shifting is just not like Dura Ace, it runs rough and I am not a fan. Wonder how housekeeping feels about the grease on the washcloths. Gee, sorry Sheraton.

My family at home misses me and I decided to take the red eye out. The family here in HI are leaving early tomorrow AM so it will be an early night anyway. We have plans for a nice dinner and then I will fly out. The IM Awards dinner is said to be fantastic and I would love hear Chrissy and Crowie's acceptance speeches but I'm just not up to it.

So back home to San Diego....see my hubby, kids and pups. Settle back into life, get well and prevent this cold from getting any worse. And then... look forward. After all Ironman St George is May 1, 2010.

So all the crazy thoughts have been swirling in my head...can I do another race this year? Should I do SOMA 70.3 or even Ironman AZ? Of course they do, that is just how sick this race makes us. In bed, cannot breath, wounded ego and what is the and relaxation, no thinking about another race.

But no....time to focus on my family, work and put training as a lesser priority. Take a break, absolutely not...

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