Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pinky fingers...

can i complain more about my finger....sure this is my blog. ok so not capital letters this posting. can you guess why? shift button requires the use of pinky and pressing broken pinky on computer key is painful. very painful.

so the large 1/2 cast/ace bandage is lame...so i though anyway. i was not wearing it yesterday when jd came home from school and he asked why and i said it was lame. his response..."my homework is lame so i'm not doing it." funny kid, but well, good point. i did not put it on immediately but after hitting it a few times and the final bang cause searing pain, well i put it on. stabilized and protected it does not hurt. imagine that.

i have an appt on thur with an orthopedic hand specialist so hopefully he can set me up with something that protects the finger but will still allow me to ride my bike. oh and work too :)
i had a great ride today with jen. so fun to see her after a long time....not sure when we last rode. she originally said she needed long and aero and i agreed, she is racing im az so i was doing her ride. but she hates flat and aero as much as i do so she changed her mind and we did elfin. great ride and i bailed out while she did the last 90 minutes....i felt bad leaving her but i did have 12:00 appt. and well i just don't need to ride for 5 hours right now. funny how 3:15 seems so short and manageable.

read about all my friends who raced soma 70.3 this last weekend with a twinge of jealousy I did not drive over and do the race, but well i'll be racing soon enough.

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