Saturday, October 3, 2009

last swim, last ride....

So weird as I get close to taking off... Friday last swim in the cove. It was a beautiful swim actually. Water was crystal clear and flat- it was chilly though. My wetsuit leaks and E's had a big rip so we had full air conditioning to the Shores and back. But it was nice. Nothing aggressive but a comfortable swim. Felt good after Thur's last BIG swim. 5000 yards. Went to SB Masters and workout was a good one- tough pyramid on an aggressive interval and I nailed each one. It was great. Workout finished and I had another 1000 to go. Strapped on the paddles and grabbed a pull buoy and started 100's and made the interval. Definitely and IM swim, masters ends, everyone gets out and there I am swimming, still swimming as they are showered, changed and off to work. Soon I can get out when the work out is over!

And my next swim....will be in 80 degree water and in Hawaii!! yeah baby

Last night I went to task on my bike- changed the cassette to my race wheels, I am a pro these days. Cleaned up my baby and then rode this AM with JB. Legs are feeling good- easy ride, IM pace and it was great. Home in time to wash the dogs, shower, eat and off to lacrosse for Riley and then straight to soccer for JD. Riley's team lost but JD's team crushed FC! Nice indeed!!!

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