Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kona day 2....

Well I was able to go to sleep at 9 (HI Time) which really was 6pm CA time, but with the travel, up at 3:30am, I was tired. So acclimated to the time pretty well....well until I was wide eyed at 4:30. I relaxed unil 5, figured that was 9 hours and was up for the day.

Awoke wih a headache and stuffed nose- crap, crap, crap....maybe fatigue, travel don't know. Fired up the Kona coffee and settled down for a bit of work. Took off around 6:45 and headed to the Kona pier for a swim. It was sensational. Water is perfect temperature, crystal clear and Icould see the bottom the whole way. So nice to see coral and colorful fish out there. Lots of swimmers. Did a nice long swim and on the way back detourted to the Lava Java Catamaran. Only place in the world you can get swim up coffee. They are 700 meters off the beach and staffed with not only delicious coffee but delcious islanders serving up the coffee in small cups...even offered cream and sugar. Totally fun to be treading water, sipping coffee and listening to all the Ironman chatter. Lots of different languages. Mostly German, but a bit of French, some Spanish and of cousre the Aussie chatter . Definilty hit home this is the World Championships indeed.

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  1. Swim up coffee bar....now I really wish I was in Kona. So jealous and happy for you. If I would have known about the coffee bar before I would have taken this training thing a whole lot more seriously:) Live it up.