Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Island won today....

Clearly not the Kona I had hoped for....but I have to say as disappointed as I am in the race, I am utterly stunned and so touched with the support of all my friends and family. As KP said, "to your your kids, your husband, family, close friends and even your dogs it does not matter- it's you that they care about" And while I know that is true, I am so appreciative of all the well wishes and heartfelt condolences.

So my brother asked as we were leaving the race..."how are you feeling? Never again or come back with vengeance?" I feel humbled and determined to come back and master this race.

So here is how it played out...up at 3am ready to go, honestly head was congested and throat was sore. Used some
Mucenix and cleared it up. Off to the race, thanks to Troy for taking me down there. I was mentally ready to go.

E and I hung together for the start of the swim and it was utter chaos. So much kicking and pulling and it never really opened up. I was fighting most of the way. Goggles kicked off twice...but I felt good and was happy with my time.

Out and onto the bike and it was all good. Well not really, my HR was too high and it took me over 20 minutes to bring it down, finally got it down and settled into the ride. Most of the ride to
Havi was great, fast and enjoyable. About 10 miles from Havi a train of 8 riders, drafting in a way that was shocking, cruised by and suddenly I was stuck, riders in front, train on my left so I passed on the right. The referee pull up and I am sure he is issuing penalties for the drafting but no he give me a yellow card for passing on the right. I am floored! Soon after the turn around I stop in the penalty tent, only 30 seconds as it is yellow. As I am rolling out I flat on my front tire. Damn it!!! Change the tire and lose 4-5 minutes. I am rolling and not feeling so great. Cruising along and suddenly I realize I am going to barf, I turn left and there goes the Gatorade and carbo pro. Very soon a guy rides up and says, well that was interesting. Clearly I barfed on him. I am horrifically apologizing when he says, well if I was the legal 3 bike lengths back I would not have gotten hit. The Island Gods are working their "magic." So as you came imagine after throwing up I am not in prime condition. And the head wind is like nothing I have ever ridden against. It was so strong and so hot...89 degrees and to be honest, totally miserable. It was all I could do to stay on the bike and get to T2.

Getting off in T2 I knew something was not right, I was seeing stars. Cruised through, not at record pace, and headed on the run.
OMG it was hot and humid. Took 1 mile at a time and was forcing liquids down, but around mile 3, they elected to come back up. Nice, 2nd time in one day. I am running slowly and just trying to get to the next aid station. I am slowing down already but am settling in for a slow run. As I approach mile 7 I am chilled up and down and feeling unsteady, as I reach to take the ice from the volunteer, I fall into him and the table. Some else grabs me and the next thing I know I am under a tree. How I got there is a little foggy but I was happy to be there. My HR was high, my breathing labored and I had a temp. The volunteers are calling for the EMT and I am still not totally comprehending my race is over. Soon however I am being transported to the medical tent. I am give IV and am now freezing. Funny thing is I realize they have taken off my shoes and there is a crowd around my feet....staring, whispering. Well I sprayed my feet with 2nd Skin to help prevent blisters and the 2nd skin was peeling all over. These poor Docs and Nurses thought I had some freakish condition where all the skin was peeling off my feet. I did notice the Nurse had on gloves....afraid of what I may have had.

So there you have it.....the Island beat me. Physically I am okay, other than a massive head cold and sore throat. Psychologically I am bruised but thankful for my family to rally around and assure me they are proud and still love me!

Ah.....the mystery of
Kona remains in my life. Look out I will be back!

On another note I have to say it was darn awesome to see Chrissie Wellington out there tearing up the course, breaking the record!!!

And a congrats to my comrades who survived today.....Well done ladies!!!


  1. Julie-
    I have followed your journey this year and have been so inspired. I got worried when after 5.2 there were no more run splits =( Glad you are okay and you truly are amazing. Thanks.

  2. You'll be back Julie. Next year will be different. You know the island gods have been tough on you. My theory is they picked on you extra hard because your tougher than anybody they met before. They gave you a hard time in getting there, the 2x no roll downs. It's time they move onto somebody else to pick on. You have paid your dues. Recover and you feel better we'll ride some miles in East County. The gods of the Great Western are a lot friendlier

  3. Oh my gosh! You are such a superstar! You'll be back. You are so tough. I would have wanted to stop after the bike incident!