Monday, October 12, 2009

Home, sweet home...

Landed in SD at 7:30 this am feeling rough.....tough flying sick especially with congested sinuses, was sure they would erupt on each landing. But happy to leave the airport into 65 degrees and overcast. Yes. cool weather. I love it.

So nice to see John...even thought he was yelling at the Airport Security about the Valet Parking. Nice to see you too dear :) I get in the car and there is a letter and a box from RM. One of the most touching letters I have every read and surely most touching I have received. It was hear felt and genuine and so Riley. She has such empathy....she melted my heart and warmed me so. And in the box was a favorite book of ours when she was young...I Love You With All My Heart. A book I read to hear at least 5 nights a week for years and one she would carry into me when she needed some good loving. Brings tears to my eyes now that at 13 she is able to fill me up with love and support.

Home soon there after and there were the pups...... Zen was all over me and so happy and excited. Rocky was bit reserved, more cat like, a bit miffed for going away but could not stand to have Zen getting all the licking and loving so he moved in and mauled me too. KP was right, dogs did not even ask about my race :)

Kids at school and we had a lovely morning. So glad JB did not rush off to work. He had to go and I logged in and manged what was happening work wise, took a hot shower and slept for a few hours. Woke up refreshed and since work was quite used the time to unpack and clean the house. Oh the dog hair and the mess ......Happy with a clean house and unpacked so I went work on my bike. Very proficiently put my bike back together, even the derailleur, new cassette and it is good to go. Feels good to take more and more control of my bike.

Took the pups out and surveyed the hood. All was good. Caught up on emails and was excited to see the kids. RM was first and she loved the silver plumeria earrings and we chilled and caught up. JD was home soon thereafter and due to a double header in soccer this weekend practice was cancelled so we could just hang. It was heavenly, the 3 of us sitting on the kitchen counter eating pineapple (not from Hawaii) and burritos. Love my kids!!! Best afternoon I could have asked for.

Wonderful family dinner and we are all feeling reconnected! Perspective is good!

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