Monday, October 19, 2009

Extra time...what do I do

Well mostly just be sick.....actually today was the first day I woke up able to breathe and willing to get out of bed. 12 days of feeling like I wanted to stay in bed. Health is something I take for granted...I worry about sore legs, injury from training but to feel sick gives it perspective. And its not like a real, serious, life threatening sick, just bad cold sick.

So needless to say there are no monumental rides or runs to report heroic swims in the fog. More like working, being a mom and sleeping more than usual.

Saturday was a day of sports....but not mine. 2 lacrosse games and a soccer game and before I knew it, it was 4:00. Cruised by Nytro where Chrissie Wellington was speaking, signing autographs etc. Very cool to meet her, see her and hear what she had to say. She is amazing and not just for her athletic endeavours but for her educational, environmental and world good commitments. I suspect she will be around for a short time and then be off to purse bigger dreams....

We had dinner with some good friends, long overdue and an absolutely wonderful time. Comfortable, enjoyable and walking distance. And it was so nice to enjoy wine and not worry about my long, ride, run etc the next day.

I was up early to volunteer at the US Womens Tri Series Triathlon. I was a swim buddy. This was my first Tri, 3 years ago and it was great to go back and see all the 1st timers, see the pure joy and sense of accomplishment. I swam with a few waves and helped some get through the toughest part for most. It was absolutely freezing. An hour later when I was done my lips were blue and I could not stop shivering. The water was 70 and I had a wetsuit but I was not putting out a lot of energy so I got cold. I had some friends racing and I saw glimpses of them heading out on the run and I wanted to see the finish but a family commitment was calling and so I had to leave.

Sunday was so for tutus and fairly wings with RM and a friend. It was great. They even seemed okay to be hanging out with me. The afternoon was filled with an arduous work project but I did get it done and we enjoyed a wonderful dinner, BBQ by JD, and a nice family night and close to the weekend.

Frustrating today to have learned there should have been some studying going on......

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