Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coffees of Hawaii

So I am hitting my afternoon lull.....run was a bit more than I anticipated this AM, thanks to Johan. It was great to be running but towards the end my body was reminding me I have been sick for nearly 2 weeks. Finished feeling great and absolutely starving....you would think I ran 3 hours. PB honey, still hungry, coffee, let the food settle in. Still hungry, egg whites and salsa + coffee. Still hungry. More coffee, okay to much coffee. Still hungry. Time to go after the fruit....3x bowls of grapes and finally satiated. Full pot of coffee- GONE. But thankfully it was a blend of decaf and regular. It was some of my souvenir coffee from Kona.

Ironically this afternoon I received an email from Coffees of Hawaii... there is the famous coffee boat. Offering me discounted coffee from Kona. I decided no, the next time I will enjoy this wonderful coffee will be the next time I race Kona and will have to swim out for the coffee. The email and picture were enough to pick me up. Okay maybe the FRS did too :)