Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bags are packed and ready to go.....

Bike is in it's pieces. Well okay not too many- saddle is off, chain and derailleur are off, handlebars off and wheels off - I hope, I hope I can put it all back together again and make it right! I have a bike shop in mind just in case I have "issues"

Went for a great run this AM. Legs are relaxed and feeling strong. Good feeling to have. So many loose ends to finalize before heading out of town. The first half of the weekend was shopping and preparing my family for my absence. With that done it was time to pack for my trip....Once I had all my race gear laid out and packed the rest was a not too hard. Shorts, t's and flips. Then came the nutrition packing....the large bag of carbo-pro which looks like a 1/2 of cocaine and then all the pills....salt tabs, eduralytes, motivator and VO2max which is bright blue and looks like some kind of nightclub treat. And then the vitamins, Nuun.....a walking pharmaceutical it looks like. Add the gu's and I am all set. You ask, dont they sell this all there..sure but I have it all here and it forced me to measure and prebag it all now vs a week from now when my hands are shaking and my brain cannot concentrate with the pending race. Now I have it all. Well I hope anyway.

I am really hoping this bike box, which seems like it grew since I last used it, fits in my rental car. If not.....well, really have no clue but will figure it out. It's Hawaii....everyone is nice right? Will find out soon.

My flight is at 6:15am and after my IM Coeur d'Alene fiasco of missing my flight, we are rolling out of here at 4:30am. So working backwards to walk the dogs, shower, last minute packing, looks like 3:30am. There was a time in my life that was my bed time. Hey it is good practice for the race when I get up at 3am but no plans to stuff my face tomorrow morning like IM day. Surely I will adapt to HI time and will be able to go to bed early tomorrow.

And then Tue, I cannot wait to wake up and go for a swim in warm, clear water. Last time I did that was......well cannot even remember. So, excited for that treat. And hopefully taking my bike for a spin.

So Rocky goes into deep depressing when a suitcase comes out and he was morbidly depressed yesterday and I could not figure out why- I had not even located which bag I was taking with me. And then it occurred to me when I saw the bike box, which is a suitcase on steroids. Poor dog probably nearly had a heart attack......looking at the size, he must have thought this is it, she is moving out. And to make it worse it was almost touching his bed. I thoughtfully covered it with a blanket and much like a baby, out of sight, out of mind. Back to his happy go lucky self. Ah if only we were all so simple.

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