Monday, October 26, 2009

Awesome weekend.....

Friday birthday dinner at Dad and K's, with kids and Mom and Billy was it was an outststanding evening . Food was delicious, as usual, lovely chardonney and a beautiful and tasty cake made by Mom. It was nice to all be together in D/K's recently done stunning kitchen. We ate too much and admittedly I should have passed on the last glass of wine. Luckily JB was napping on the floor and was the designated driver.

We were up and out by 8 for a nice ride through Elfin with KP. Ride was all about fun and was soon reduced to a hammer fest between KP and I. It was great, working hard and no worries about having to back up the ride with a run for another long ride etc...hence why I am not racing IM AZ.

Rest of the day was kids, soccer and then driving about. By by 6:30 I found myself alone with the dogs and relished in the quite. Watched the last 2 Mad Men episodes from iTunes and enjoyed the glutenous relaxation. Whipped up a taste meal of organic chicken, black beans, roasted corn, a dash of heat and poured over brown rice. Delightful. About the time the house seemed to be very quiet my sweetie came home and Riley soon there after.

Sunday I planned to run for 45 min or so and it was another stunning day so I kept on going and manged a 13 miles....but the pace was comfortable and thanks to my iPod and a few gu's I had all was wonderful. After breakfast R and I headed to the Tri Club aid station for the CAF 70.3. We handed out water, gatorade, gels and blocks for a few hours to both able bodied athletes and challenged athletes alike. So inspirational and a good reminder for when I think I am struggling or having a bad day.

Sunday evening Zen was his usual bundle of energy so I started wrestling him with a toy. My end had frayed strings and before I knew it he was pulling and shaking and there was a string around my pinky....I heard the crack before the pain set in.

Turns out it he dislocated it in 2 places and fractured it. The Dr. shot it up with Lidocane and then popped it back in place and put a ridiculous split on it that went half way up my arm and was a cast on one side and then an ace bandage. That will never work....will see what the Ortho recommends. This is my bad pinky anyway, broken 3 years ago and never healed straight to begin with. Will be out of the pool for some time...but can ride and run. Good think I'm not racing.....

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