Wednesday, October 28, 2009


since i cannot complain anymore about my finger (says andrew) i will have to find a positive topic.....chatting with a friend about the trials and tribulations in an office got me thinking about my office mates. they steal my food, snore loudly, at times jump up and race to the front door and worse yet can be found licking their butts. but they do not gossip (well that i can understand anyway), don't come to work sick (well that's not really true one did bring worms last week), they are cute and like to walk in the late afternoon.

all in all, it could be a lot worse. add the other bonuses, no dress code, i do dress but usually the attire is most appropriate for my last or upcoming workout, no time clock, cafeteria is down the hall, lunch break is when i want it or sometimes after lunch is when i start my day or end my day, no one cares if i am working in the back yard, on a bike ride, at starbucks or even the beach, my clients are all in all my work is pretty darn sweet.

now if only my pinky would heal so i can use the shift button.......or maybe the emily post style is good for a change.


  1. i'd like your job! what is it? maybe i could bring my cats to work!

  2. maybe but my dogs would eat your cats.... would that be an issue? my job is great! negotiating and contracting hotels for corporations/associations meetings and events.