Wednesday, October 21, 2009

43rd Birthday...

So another sick thing about triathletes is that most of us do not put a vex on birthdays....why is that? Well eventually you age up- that means move to a new age group and in most cases, well when you get to be my age, that means the competition gets slower!!! So aging up is not so bad. But no suck luck for me....I am only at the top of my age group, which means the oldest, and the slowest. But alas.....still a good year ahead.

Great day indeed. Hubby took the AM off as did a friend who will be nameless so he does not get in trouble and we met a few others who don't have jobs or have "flexible" jobs like mine for a ride in East County...the infamous Great Western Loop. Best ride in the county. 40 miles, 4500 ft of climbing and spectacular scenery. Special thanks to E who is still recovering from Kona but still did the ride and managed to bring a nice pan of Happy Birthday Brownies. Thanks to J and M for the Starbucks treat!!! So after a fabulous ride we had coffee and brownies. Good Times as JD would say.

Had to eat and run as I did not want to be late for my next engagement, lunch with MOM. Fabulous lunch at the Club. Beautiful day and we sat outside and had a most enjoyable lunch. I feel so fortunate to live so near to be able to share a birthday lunch with my Mom.

During lunch, mom asks if I need to get back to work....well actually I told her I need to get to work since I had been out riding and eating brownies all morning. Thanks to an iPhone I was on top of what needed to happen. Headed home and caught up, made some calls and then took the pups for leisurely walk, no rushing, just enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

Kids, carpool.... the usual and then JD was the master BBQer for dinner and we had a nice evening. J and I had a nice bottle of Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay and all was good. Could not have been any better....

Spoke to Dad and K today, Kathleen and family and received a wonderful video of my nieces singing HB in English, Chinese and Spanish followed by a long conversation with my bro from down under.

Great day....and looking forward to going to bed early as that is always a treat. Cold is 90% gone- thank goodness and looking forward to an early swim and then breakfast with a good friend! She tried for today, but well the dance card was full. And thanks the the joy of FB I received so many wonderful HB nice to feel the love!

The ride today was awesome....I love, love GWL and have missed riding out there regularly. It is back on my weekly schedule. gotta have it. Could be worse addictions right?

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  1. I need to get out for the GWL with you soon. Maybe next Tuesday? or Sat? It's hard for me to put the bike in the car and drive to ride...but I could be convinced =) Happy Birthday Julie!!!