Friday, October 9, 2009

24 hours and counting....

7am on Friday...tomorrow it will the start of the race. Feeling pretty good right now- had a good night sleep. Was in bed, room dark by 9 and took a bit of time to drop off but fell asleep soon thereafter. Made a few nighttime visits to the head....all this hydration catches up with me. And every time I woke up of course the race popped into my head. But all in all feeling pretty rested. Elected for the decaf this AM, I think there are enough endorphins surging through me right now.

Work is good....nothing major and tackled that early. Now off for a short swim, final swim in my race kit, speed suit etc just to make sure its all good. I just got my Erin Baker Tri shorts so want to give them a go for a short swim and short run. When I say short we are talking it takes more time to get prepped to swim than the amount of time I will be in the water. Same for the run, shake out the legs and take off the edge.

Off to the pier...

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