Thursday, September 3, 2009

You know you are training for Ironman when....

- You can fit 1500 calories in one bottle

- Someone asks what you are doing next week and you say "I don't know, I am waiting for my schedule from my coach" Then you plan the rest of your life

- When people ask you how much you train you use up your fingers and toes counting the hours and you still have many more to add up

- You say things like " I can't wait to roll around on my foam roller" and the people you are with all agree

- When you see ice, all you can think about is where to put on your body to reduce inflammation

- Eating becomes a work out in itself.

- You wonder if it is good to have so many calories in liquid and gel and you have flashbacks to being a baby...the last time you received most nourishment out of of plastic bottles.

- The sunscreen begins to layer and you almost wonder if you can scrape down a few layers back to your natural skin

- The goggles leave semi permanent indentations on your face

- People wonder if someone spilled bleach and you realize it is the chlorine from the pool emanating off your skin

- The laundry room smells worse than most places you can imagine...running and cycling clothes piled up

- You visualize crawling into bed at night soon after you crawl out in the morning for your first workout of the day

- You cannot remember the last day you did not wear spandex

- Your garage looks like a Transition Area for a race- piled up running, cycling, swimming gear- why put it away when you need it all the next day.

- The back of your car could be a Sporting Goods Store- running, swimming and cycling gear - you never know when you can squeeze in one of the 3.

- You are training when your kids go to school and when they come home..they ask " Mom, really, what else did you do today?"

- Double espresso 4pm, no problem and still asleep at 9

- Anyone hungry in your car and you promptly offer bottles of water, power bars, gu? All readily available

-Your idea of staying up late is 9pm

- A short day of training is only 2 hours

- You find yourself doing google searches about recovery...there must be a magic pill

- You realize it has been weeks since you used your own take a swim, shower at the pool or the cove, or my favorite a shower with 3 gallons of water in the parking lot after your hot ride.

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  1. I have to admit so many of these pertain to me right now, and I'm only doing halfs... Made me laugh though!