Friday, March 19, 2010

Ugh......woke up Thursday and headed to swim. What a horrible swim. Slow, really slow and sluggish. Really not a fun way to swim. I upped the interval and slogged through the workout. Toward the end I realize I have to now pull off a 90 min run, hilly.

Do I stop and ponder....I feel like crap maybe I should skip the run? No way, this is Ironman you suck it up and train. Well best intentions anyway....I change and head out from UCSD with grand plans of running hills. 1 mile into the run, HR is way high, pace is way low and I am not a happy camper.

Light goes on...hey Julie maybe, just maybe you skip a workout. Depressingly I slink back to the locker room and head home. It is now I realize I just don't feel well and looking in the mirror, things don't look so great. So the symptoms come and go, are they for real or not. I am thirsty beyond belief (not a general sign of sickness), mild sore throat and so very tired. After I get through most of the day I nap. 1 hour REM sleeping nap, something I really should do more often. Felt better but not great.

Literally drank 4+ water bottles, took Wellness Formula and ate a maximum antioxidant filled dinner. Yams, carrots, lima beans, mangoes and brown rice. Back in bed at 7:30 and asleep by 8. Going to bed like that is always a bit scary. Will I wake up feeling well, usually the case, or the dread of the cold setting in, feeling worse. 11 hours of sleep - yes and I am feeling better. The irrational side of me says, great go make up the 90 min run and get a ride in.

The rational side, the one I am trying hard to listen to, and hearing coach's voice.....8 days out from O'side, no fitness to be gained. Goal is to get well! The little voice in my head says yes cannot gain fitness for O'side but, but I have IM SG in 6 weeks. Ah so much to think about.

So we take it one day at a time......but it does not appear a massive cold or flu has settled in. I suspect delayed fatigue from some serious training.

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