Thursday, March 4, 2010

Metal detectors and cheese

Yes that is what my husband is doing to take back his life.....

Would be kinda funny if that was all I wrote. Okay so JB is not thrilled with his job right now and has decided that he has been neglecting some of the fun in his life.

Why he does not see a 95 mile bike ride as fun I don't know....but I digress.

Before he became celiac he was lactose intolerant and before he was lactose intolerant he was a cheese mister. He would eat cheese as it was a piece of toast. When we first met he ate cheese with abandonment, no knife, no cutting, single serving blocks of cheese.

Gastrointestinal issues led to the elimination of cheese from his diet. Well he has rediscovered "hard" cheeses and they are suiting him just fine. I got a message today from him, he is excited, excited like a kid when the ice cream man comes. He says....I just heard about Cheese 101 on These Days on NPR, I think it's tonight, let's go.

So I podcast These Days and hear about a Women's Surfing Exhibit, Blind Boys from Boston who sing and then finally Cheese 101. Well this event is tonight and is also $50 per person. Wow, that is $100 for cheese, and well wine. But he is excited and love to see him excited so I email the details and say let's go. Meanwhile I am thinking, he can eat all the cheese and I can drink all the wine. Perfect! Except I will be hungry and drunk and have to train tomorrow. Well, it was fun to think about anyway.

After discourse we decide that Cheese 101 is maybe not timely for us. I have to pick up from lacrosse and we maybe late and for $100 dammit, I want to be early, not miss any cheese and wine.

So I propose a Cheese tasting in our home, either tonight or tomorrow night when Dad and K are coming for dinner. He is very excited and is off to purchase a plethora of cheese. So tonight toward the end of dinner we tasted 4-5 cheeses but will have the big tasting tomorrow. Very apropos as the Hancock's are big with taste offs. See if my brother was here he would blindfold us or take the labels off and make us guess, which is sheep's milk cheese, which is sharp Cheddar from Wisconsin vs hard cheddar from Ireland. We have done many such tastings with chocolate, wine and who knows what else.

So the other item of pleasure is a metal detector. Now this has to be a total guy thing. Think about all the times you see someone with a metal detector at the beach, the park or well anywhere. Has it ever been a female? he has been shopping on craigslist and went and looked at one yesterday only to walk away. After all for $850 it could not find the quarter he buried 10 inches into the earth. Scandalous.....he left.
The seller contacted him and said I guess you did not intend to buy a metal detector....funny just because he did not buy it the assumption is he had no intention? Hello, he had the $$, drove to Escondido for try it out. Okay so the story continues.

JB negotiates on the phone and that is the last I hear. I pull in the driveway from lacrosse and Riley is in the garage painting Happy Birthday posters for her friend- gotta love that kid and JB is in the front yard digging a hole and filling it up and waving his detector over it. He was having a blast. And now, after the cheese taste off, he and Zen are at the park, in the dark, looming under the swings. Who knows a 7 year old may have dropped her grandmothers diamond ring while swinging.

I just love that he is such a kid at heart......


  1. Your's is one of the most enjoyable reads I have had in a long time!

  2. Me too... cheese and detectors... cheesy detectors... cheese detector! Wow... only finding a platinum nugget under the swing sets could be better!!!

  3. Ooooohhhh when's the next "cheese & wine night"????

    great post, my bro & i used to have a metal detector- fun times searching for treasure!

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