Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A moment of reflection

Chelsea King
For those who live in San Diego....we are all living day by day as the search for Chelsea King. This vivacious 17 year old disappeared on Thursday afternoon while running in some Rancho Bernardo trail. The horror of her leaving has escalated to the discovery of her clothes with a convicted sex offenders DNA. They have since arrested him and the search continues for Chelsea.

This runs tragically deep on so many levels....the concept of losing a child is beyond thought, let alone in such a horrific way. As a runner myself I think of the hours I have run alone on the beautiful trails around the county without fear. As a parent of a 13 year old girl I am afraid to let her walk out the front door yet do not want her to live in fear. The empathy for Chelsea's parents... My heart aches for them. I think about this poor girl and her family so often throughout the day and feel so helpless. I decided to try and join the search today only to be told they have so many people they do not need any more...

I just received an update from signonsandigeo stating there is a press conference today at 3:30 and my I am sickened at the thought of what they will be sharing.

Be aware.....and hug your loved ones and keep the King family in your thoughts and prayers.

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