Thursday, March 4, 2010

Listen to the body....

Yesterday was a hard day....masters swim was over 4500 yards it was test Wed so some hard work was done as well. When we did the final 100 and Sickie had the stopwatch and we went one at a time I knew it was business. I have to say I was darned pleased with the 100 I was able to pull drafting, short course but did a respectable 1:07. So feeling pretty good about the swim.

Took a long shower, ate a almond butter/honey sandwich and headed out for my run. 90 minute run, but there was some testing so I headed to the track. After 2 mile warm up I did 2 miles at IM heart rate and then 2 miles at IMHR + 10. I recorded the times without really looking and kept running. I deiced to do one more mile at IMHR +20 and ouch that hurt...the rest was ez run through UCSD Campus wishing I was 19 again and going to college. Well not really but it was fun to relish in the memories of college.

So I reported the data to KP thinking oh my, my run fitness is not where we want it.....well he was looking for something else and says we are just fine, good in fact. Where I need to be for O'side and for IMSG. Good thing...I was ready to start running every day over panic it was not good. Only goal now is to stay injury free and pack on the miles for 2.5 weeks.

I finished and was wiped out... I did not fuel for a hard 90 minute swim and run. I did not bonk but was dizzy and needed food. I high tailed it to Trader Joes and immediately downed a TJ Protein Shake- chocolate, yummy! I always love when I go to pay for something I have already consumed. The checker looks at me with one eyebrow raised and I wink and don't say much. I was so tempted to eat an entire bag of chocolate covered pretzel thins but held back. I want for the most delicious wrap with bamboo shoots, turkey, cheese, lettuce on a whole wheat wrap. Nothing like going from being ravenous to totally satiated.

From there I made a few works calls in my office, you know how it goes. And then had a "play date" You know like when our kids were little, we set up play dates. Except this was a Starbucks. New friend from I was there a bit early and since we had never met and her FB picture is 2 dogs I was checking out everyone as the walked up, is that her, could that be here? Well I should have known, I can spot a triathlete anywhere , and yes we do really stand out. Amy is training for her first IM- yeah, so excited for her. And she is doing Coeur d'Alene, where I lost my IM virginity.

We yucked it up for a long time....the girl can run. HS when she lobbed out her training pace I nearly fell off my stool. Note to self, to runs with this chick! So maybe we can ride together when she gets over her pulled muscle.

Home and then it was chauffeur for the afternoon, JD to soccer in Carmel Valley, grocery shop for Mom's birthday dinner, pick up JD and drop him at WV for lacrosse practice, race home and whip up chicken curry, delicious vegetable concoction I made up, rice and a home made lemon cake. Oh right, clean up the house, set the table, walk the dog ( well I actually did that after grocery shopping and while waiting for JD at soccer and managed to negotiate a contract for a client) Can I multi task or what!!

So today I had 2 hour ride and 30 min gym session. I am up, power through email and am dressed to ride. Oh wait, I am starving...4, yes, 4 pieces of wheat toast. I am planning to meet Carolyn for a ride and I take Zen out and it is cold, windy and starting to rain. The brakes come riding in the rain for me today. I sit down and realize I am actually totally wiped out. Tired, just plain tired. So I email coach and he says Good Job listening to your body.

I did decide that yoga would be very good for me. My calves are balls of knotted pain. It was supposed to be the ez breezy yoga stretch but the sub decided hard core yoga for 90 minutes. I was cursing and then took my deep cleansing breaths and only did what I wanted to do.


  1. Great job listening to your body today...although I did miss your company ;) Great job on your run as well! You're going to kill it at O'Side. However that will be nothing compared to the domination that will come in Utah.

  2. yes, i agree with Caroline...TOTAL DOMINATION ;)
    you'll be off the bike when they're starting their second loop at SG!