Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day Off? What's that

So Tuesday was a DO (day off) I was so taken back I was not sure what that really only? No! Just swim? NO. Really nothing...yes. Well when I look back at Training Peaks (where coach puts my workouts and I record what I did) I can see 4 weeks at a time. And there is not any DO's in that 4 weeks.....I dared not go any further back, that was justification enough that a DO was in order.

My plan was to sleep in....who knows how late. Maybe something as luxurious as 7am! I was so excited going to bed knowing that when I woke naturally at 5/5:30 I could roll over, snuggle back under the blankets and go back to sleep.

So when my eyes popped open at 4:30.... and I was wide awake stressing about my business taxes, I took a deep breath and nestled back into bed. By 5 I was so awake I could hardly close my eyes. Every time I turned over Zen jumped on his feet and was ready to go. So I finally got up and came down stairs for my usual ritual. Coffee, check email, walk Zen. I pondered going to swim but stuck to my DO.

I got my taxes done and QBfile sent to my accountant by 8am. Caught up on some work tasks that I had been putting off and had a very productive day. It felt good!

So that was that and back to the grind....Swim/Run is the focus this week and well I am swimming and running every day. Arms are tired, shoulders are sore, ITB needs attention but I am feeling good. A good tired, not a I'm on the edge of injury or sickness tired, not a I cannot do this any more tired, a good Ironman training tired!!!

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