Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Evening at home

While the kids and I enjoyed a dinner of Thai Chicken, rice and fresh mango's, John was logging a few miles on the trainer. He is set up in the play room so we can see him through the sliding doors. He has on noise cancelling headphones and is practicing his Russian. We can hear burst of bad Russian as he repeats what the CD is saying,

After a while we ignore him and carry on with dinner. We hear a bust of Russian and then a loud woah and a massive crash. We turn around and we no longer see John....

Hugh laughs for us all....now it's back to homework and taxes for me.


  1. You have a great blog Julie! Can I feature it on the Nation's Tri Facebook Fan page?

    Also, good luck with training. I am going to be doing IronUtah so be sure to look for someone wearing Nation's Gear there. It will be good to meet another Nation's Tri - athlete

  2. sure would love to be featured! And will look for you in UT. I will be wearing EB Cookies- racing kit