Friday, April 19, 2013

I think I am addicted

to hot yoga..and I am shocked!  I hear it from lots of yogi types, it is so
addicting, they love it...I was convinced it was a scam of some kind.  How could something so painful, hot and boring EVER be fun let alone addicting.  

It is.... 4 days this week and I actually was dressed in my suit to swim this AM, in the locker room, and got dressed and dashed over for a Hot Fusions class.  I was not going to do it today as I am still new and every class makes me sore but I was craving the good sweat and challenge.  My left side is so much weaker than my left AND my balance is horrifically off.  I know my left is worse but since the fibula break and ankle sprain last year it has just not come back miraculously on its own.    And I have not committed to working on it.  But in yoga I do... tree pose is much as I can do on my left leg, while I can do the airplane eagle on my right.... crazy ( love the lingo??) feel like you are missing out on the fun - get yourself to hot yoga and learn.  

The bonus is....Riley is digging it too!  She started with the 105 degrees rocking Sculpt class and has since done Hot Fusion and Core Power 2.  How fun is it to get a text from my 16yo "yoga?"  yes.... 

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