Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wimped out....

I flipped my run and ride again this weekend so we could do Gran Fondo. Great idea but, reminder, this is an El Nino year and it rains every weekend. Saturday it was overcast and chilly and I slogged out my long run. Tired, tired legs but after about 45 minutes they loosened up and toward the end as I was chugging up the 1.6 mile hill my pace did not was a decent hill- okay only 300 feet but it felt like a big hill. And at mile 12 it was a big hill. So my 2:10 run I had 1525 ft of elevation....ugh SG is 2800 so that was a pretty good simulation for the Ironman run. I guess the good news is that I felt strong on the hills- gee only 11 more miles to go. That is when I start freaking out but then I talk myself down from the panic ledge- you are tired now, not tapered with fresh legs. Ya, ya, ya...but see this is where IM experience is good- I always feel this why on my long runs when I am really tired. How the hell can I pull off a marathon after 112 mile bike ride? Whose idea is this- oh right mine and I willingly paid $550 to experience the day.

I the run was Saturday so we could to Gran Fondo. What is a Gran Fondo....well let me inform you. Gran Fondos are long distance, mass-participation cycling events – not races – that have become immensely popular in Italy. In France they’re known as “cyclosportives”. So we want to take part. We register and go to the Expo on Saturday with Zen and Riley. Zen made a million friends and Riley tasted all the delicious cycling food- shot blocks, Good on Ya bars. cappuccino ( this is the Italian) influence and even some delicious cookies. This rides registration actually comes with a jersey! Cool, well not so cool. We are getting the jerseys and I realize I will never wear this get up- so I exchange mine for a men's medium and my husband now has 2.

As we are tasting food, sipping cappuccino and watching Zen offer him self to any breathing person it is chilly- overcast and chilly but not a bad day for a ride. And now let me tell you, I wish I had ridden on Saturday. So the day progresses and no rain, we will be fine Around 5pm the wind is howling and it opens up and pours. I walk Zen in the gale force winds and decide the at 5:30 when the alarm goes off I will not be packing and getting in the car with these conditions.

When we go to bed, after watching the greatest movie-
World's Fastest Indian . Great film for everyone. Riley and her friend were reluctant to watch it and ended up loving it. We were cheering for him, criying for him. It was sensational. Best comment from the girls- when he hooks up with a lady they both let out "ooh gross they are old" So we promptly say, what old people cannot have sex? The roll their eyes and Riley comments, see what I have to live with?

Okay so I wake up a few times to no rain. Awesome I am thinking. Alarm goes off and it is dark and cold but no rain. We put on our gear, load the bikes, get the water bottles and head to Little Italy. About 1/2 way there it starts to drizzle and that progresses to rain....not so good. We get to the start, find good parking- gee I wonder why? It is now pouring rain. We sit in the warm car and promptly decide to go home.

We get home, dry the bikes and unload the car. John goes back to bed and I head to Masters for a swim and then an unplanned run with some of the swimmers. Lots of rain, very cold and now I have ride tomorrow! Ah, I wish it was done, but luckily I have some fair weathered friends who bailed today as well and we are riding together!

Really, remind me of when I complained about the heat......

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