Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whirlwind of family, life and fun!!!

My sis, bro-in-law and nieces arrived on Friday for the beginning of the celebration weekend! We kicked off Friday night in La Jolla at Dad and K's with a sensational dinner that was made to order. Prime steak, halibut or vegan lasagna- your choice. Riley pulled off a terrific banana cream pie and Mom brought along a lemon meringue pie. Enough food and wine for any ones delight! Naturally this was the beginning of my taper which means I have to taper off the eating so as not to show up race day with a few extra lbs to carry for 5 hours.

Mom, Sis and RM

Joe DeRose, Billy and Kathleen

The patriarch toasts the birthday boy!

Engineers at work

We left early-1: we are tired. 2- JD and I were heading to Irivine at 7am for a full day of soccer and 3- Braman and DeRose had a big ride planned (jealous, jealous)

JD was home late from lacrosse....and we hit the hay.

Up at 5:30 for a nice run in the very, very dark with Zen. No choice he was running long as I was not running alone. When he called it quits we headed to the park by the house where he can sit and relax and I can run continuous loops around the park which is .3miles each lap. After 10 laps I was done and we headed home....Zen was asleep on the grass by that time. I kept him with me though as I promised hubby no running alone in the dark.

JD and I headed for Irvine- long day of soccer. 1 tie and 1 loss. Argh! JD played well, very well and it was great to see all my soccer buddies. We have been on Club Soccer sabbatical while the boys played HS soccer. Fun day.

Braman and DeRose had an awesome ride to Dudley's and I was ever so jealous to hear the bike stories.....I smiled and was encouraging but jealous. Can I say I was jealous one more time. So here I am with a 6 day taper and I should be elated- let the works soak in, enjoy the break from grueling training but no I wish I was out riding long.

We get all spiffied up for celebration number 2- Adult dinner at the Marine Room. Sort of an old peoples spot but the view it 2nd to none. Stunning on the shores of La Jolla. Food was sensational so really zero complaints!

My dashing husband and Mom

stunning view for a stunning group

Birthday girl and Dad

Sunday - JD was off with another family for more soccer and I was off with Riley for lacrosse. Her day started at 11 so I had time for a long run, make a vegan coconut cake for Sis, grill the Pollo Asada and get to the tournament! They won 1 and lost 2- ouch, but that meant we did not keep playing- which I was thankful for. JD did not play in the finals either so he was home early afternoon as well- He fired up the grill and cooked the carne asada for dinner.

Oh and Braman and DeRose rode Great Western think I was jealous on Saturday, Sunday it was all I could do to smile and be happy for them! No really, I love it when others are loving GWL, even if DeRose got lost....ooops- extra 10 miles back up Lyons Valley- heck he is the super cyclist now so it was good for him.

We got ready and headed to Mom's for the 3rd celebration of the weekend- K's 50th. Mexican delight and a good time for all. Mom was serving up Margaritas but I was abstaining by this time- race week, time to get serious.

Sis and mom and dad

Teenagers at the party

Uncles and Jamie and Willa

When we fell in bed Sunday night we were exhausted but thankful for the sensational family we have. I am blessed to have my parents in San Diego and to have spent a long weekend with my sis and family. We missed the Hancock's in AU but had some good times with them not too long ago.

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