Friday, March 19, 2010

No....not sick

So I hopped on my bike this morning with a flexible plan....1- feeling crappy after 20 minutes, turn around an go home 2- feeling okay after 20, give it another 20 and then decide or 2- feeling good after 20 and do the full ride.

Luckily for me it was then the game was ride easy, ride easy - do the time but not the hard effort. Race in one week and nothing to gain, race in one week nothing to gain and so the mantra went.

Great ride- logged the time and miles and am still feeling good. Shoulder is killing me, numbing pain while Aero so that is not fun. But thanks to KP I am feeling much better now- nothing like a torturous ART session and ah relief.

So I manged to ride, work and am now looking to the weekend. Sis, bro-in-law and nieces on their way from Boulder for 3 days of celebration- Bro-in-law turning 40 and Sis 50. So we have parties and a nice dinner out tomorrow night. Oh yeah and JD has a lax game tonight, soccer tournament in Irvine Sat and Sun and Riley has a lax tournament on Sunday. Good thing this is not a massive training weekend or I would be training in the dark! Busy kids is good, right? Right! Just think how much time I will have when they go away....5 years and the bummer of that is I will have the extra time but will be 5 years older to instead of more time to train it will be more time to recover.'s all good!!!

Have to go finish the Banana Cream Pie Riley made for Uncle John. She made the pie and I am going to do the frosting....the recipe called for cool whip (yuck- nothing like a plastic bucket filled with chemicals) so we found another recipe which calls for whipped cream and cream cheese. But Riley has about 10 minutes after school before lax practice and then we head to Dad's for the first birthday celebration, so I volunteered to help out.

Zen pulled a Rocky today....actually raided my office, knocked over the trash can for the napkin with a drop of peanut butter and while he was in here discovered the box of gluten free macaroons for Braman (since the pie is not gluten free) So Zen managed to open the box, the plastic and eat them all. So much for his diet. He is looking good, but starving clearly. He sure if content and happy this afternoon with a box of cookies in his belly!

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