Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's an Ironman blog....whats to say I am tapering

Okay I will indulge you all with the usual Julie Dunkle raceweek panic.....I am tired, sluggish, feeling like I am gaining 1lb a day, doubtful.....but I am also excited, edgy, peppy, astonished that walking up stairs is not painful, unclear why my legs feel fresh within 1 minute of staring my run versus taking 10-20 minutes to shake off the fatigue, edgy- did I already say that? Just ask my family.

Nervous in a good way and nervous in a bad way. This is my 4th O'side 70.3. 4 years ago this was my 2nd triathlon and 1st 70.3 and longest tri to date. And I am pretty sure I was not as nervous. Then the expectation was to finish, now.....well, that is my secret.

Here I am 4 years clue what to expect - no HR monitor, no PowerMeter, no nutrition plan- oh it was so simple!

Yeah! I finished - let's go awards, no worry about a Kona slot, no clue how hooked I really was. Within hours of returning home I signed up for Vineman 70.3, 2 local races and marked my calendar to register for Ironman CdA 2008. After all it was only double what I just did :)

People ask why I keep doing this is WTC and expensive, it is always cold and so on and so why you ask? It is the only major race I can sleep in my own bed! That is huge. Now my 4th year I know the drill, where to park, how transition is set up etc and oh right I almost forgot there is that one small detail, there happens to be a Kona slot, just one, but there is one for each age group.

So the usual preparation begins.....dusting off the race gear, checking and rechecking goggles, kit, gear etc.... Bike is ready to rock and roll. I dropped it at Moment Cycle Sport on Monday and took it for a sweet spin today. Love the race wheels and clean bike. No grim and road debris clogging up the components. With all the rain we have had the bike was trashed. It was like riding a new bike today. So tomorrow is registration and then the final prep. Yeah!!! I love to race.

Saturday race is nice....have Sunday to recover, sleep in and planning to chill with some good friends.

Wish me luck!!! I am waive #12, 7:17am and my bib number is #1679. If anyone is looking for something to do on Saturday can follow along in the fun. and track an athlete!

Cheers. Please make a request to the weather gods for sunshine and no wind please :)

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    She was out of the water first... but Ingrid Gruder has put a minute or so on the bike in front of her. Others are many minutes behind.