Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is a Zebra a Horse?

No. A Zebra is a Zebra....and so our hooky Monday ride went. Wouldn't it be funny if I just ended this here and that was my post for the day?

So since we made a smart decision and bailed on Gran Fondo we had some riding to make up the ride on Monday. So, JB, Tati and I did our new favorite route....tour of Scripps Ranch, Ramona and through Elfin to the Coast. We did not have a balmy sunny day as hoped but it did not pour rain and we did not freeze. Although you can see we are bundled up for the ride.

John's new love of cheese goes to no ends....we made a quick stop and he pulls out a wedge of cheese to gnaw on and refuel. He kindly offered to Tati and I but we politely declined and enjoyed our conglomeration of shot blocks, gel and who knows what else.

By the look on his face you may be wondering if it is stinky cheese....no just JB's photogenic self :) love you babe!

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  1. ;-) I prefer extra aged Gouda, by Rembrant from Henry's... the rind is the best part... unohoo