Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grandfather and Grandson fishing....

JD is still elated about fishing.....Friday night he had a lacrosse scrimmage until 8:00, he rushed home, showeed and wolfed down some food. Grandpa Jim and K were finishing up dinner and cheese tasting with JB and I. JD went home with them with a plan to fish on Saturday.

It was cold and windy Saturday....I know I was doing my long run. JD and GJ were out of the house by 5:20AM and at Lake Poway before 6. I was expecting them to return around 11 or 12. By 1pm I was texting JD, are you guys okay? Are you or GJ tired? replies are we're gud, als fine. They pull in around 3:15 with 2 nice trout- both caught by GJ. JD says GJ casted 1 or 2 times and catches a fish.

Oh well....another day of fishing and not catching for JD. But a terrific day of stories being passed down and a kind of bonding that can only take place on a boat, on a lake under cloud covered skies while fishing. I was teary eyed as JD recounted the many stories and how much he genuinely enjoyed the day with my Dad.

He did not cook the fish that night as he had 45 minutes to change and get ready for another lacrosse scrimmage and was not home until after 9.

Sunday evening he cooked the fish on the grill, just like Uncle Scott showed him- wrapped in foil, a bit of olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper and thyme. It was delicious! Zen especially loved the ski and fish tail. We did not let him eat the head....such mean owners we are.

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