Thursday, September 17, 2009

Was that the same ocean.....

You got it...idropboys is growing!!! we have swim, bike and run!! What's next- I hope idropboys will be the next Life is Good.... there are many more sports to add and oh what fun. Next, I need a website- a real one. Not the one I threw together and have once again struggled and struggled with. Time to pony up and make it real!

I have jerseys and cycling shorts on order...will be here soon! Cool shirts coming as well... and now with the new logos, time for more cool goods!!!

Swam cove to pier today, similar to Gatorman but was a completely different ocean. Mostly calm, warmer (well I had my wetsuit on) but wow what a difference. E and I jumped in at 9 and were back at the cove by 10:15. We chatted with one of the lifeguards and he said Sunday was mayhem for them. More rescues than ever before...what a day.

Other than that....pretty non eventful day. Summoned the energy for a run and well it was decent but not setting any speed records around here. Had a lovely afternoon date with JB! And then it was all about the kids.... Gotta love them right. Dogs thankfully did not try to eat any neighbors pets. Good boys!

And tomorrow is Friday...yeehaw! Heading to swim again and then for a short ride. The long ride was taken away...KP says NO - tired body needs rest. But, but I need to ride more, run more,train more...Kona is 3 weeks and 2 days away.....ah the panic is setting in. I am out of time! Ready to taper yes....but really want one more weekend of solid training to put in the bank.

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