Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soccer, Ironman training...

It's hard to fit it all in sometimes....I did my long ride Friday since JD has a soccer tournament this weekend but of course his first game Saturday is 9am, has to be there at 8, leave the house 7:30, back up the time and I am up before 5 to get in my long run. Thankfully another team mate's parent gave him a ride so I had an extra hour!

Of course at 6 it was already warm....very humid, but I headed out with JB and the dogs....soon they left me and I was off on my own and I did a trail run and then headed up Black Mountain. Not an easy run and the pace was so very slow....but got the time in and a significant amount of elevation gain. And the bonus is I was done by 8! Showered, well pooled, changed, filled with pancakes and off to soccer. Nothing better than drinking iced coffee watching soccer, knowing I done for the day.

1st game was a loss that they really should have won. Outplayed them, had so many shots on goal and there was force field repelling the balls off and then they just faded....hate to lose to a lesser team. But game 2 at 5:20- ah much cooler outside, was awesome. There were on fire and came out fighting. The other team was quite physical, a higher ranked team and our guys got to business. 3-0, shut out and max points for the tournament in hopes to advance. It was great soccer. One game today and with a win, they move to the finals.

Rushed the boys home (we have an extra one this weekend) and off to M's for a nice dinner- we were late so we showed up, food was ready and everyone had eaten. So no issues about filling a plate and joining the group. Relaxing and enjoyable....especially the Internet dating topic. Good fun and home early and to bed not so early, but sleeping in Sunday :)

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