Sunday, September 13, 2009

I did it, I did it.....

3 biggest days of training to date are successfully completed!!!

6:30 bike ride. 2:30 run and 4 miles of swimming.. Fri/Sat/Sun.

The bike ride was awesome- long aero and not a lot of climbing. The goal was time and 120 miles. KP, T and I rode from my house to Dana Point- stopped and refueled big, drinks caffeine and rolled back home. Had a tail wind most of the way- gosh I love that.

Saturday up and off for my run....but not too early. No early soccer to get to so it was all good. Tough at the end, but well so is Ironman and nice to be done for the day by 11. R and I went to pick up my gear for the LJ Roughwater and meanwhile the boys bit the bullet and bought a spankin new, beautiful BBQ. We are officially in the club. Long story but this has been a long time in the making and I cannot wait to cook outside. No dishes. We planned to grill up a storm . but had an unexpected treat. R's friend from Kyrgyzstan was over last weekend and told me she likes to cook. I had asked if she would come over sometime and make an ethnic meal for us with Riley. So I and R sent JB a shopping list and they went to work around 5. By 6:30 we sat down to a wonderful dinner of Borscht (they made a vegetarian version) and a delicous salad of beets, potatoes, pees, and dill pickles. Very impressive. It was great and we loved that they did it all on their own. We gladly cleaned up!

Sunday JD and I were up and out by 6:40 for a 7:50am soccer game. Tough game....tied 0-0 but
was disappointing. We outplayed the team significantly but the score did not reflect that. Kid you not, we had at least 20 shots on goal and over 10 of them directly to the goalie. The goalie was not a phenom, we just kicked them directly to them. least it was a tie and not a loss. Welcome to the season.

Dropped off JD and off to La Jolla. Rough Water swim, 1 mile was first and it was well rough.... tough swim but over quickly and then had to sit and wait and worry about the 3 miler. Family came out for some moral support - love that! D/K thanks for making it out as well. JD had to get home to lacrosse.

Gatorman start was delayed by over an hour due to the longer swim times, thanks to the swells. So when we finally started I was hungry....not a good way to start. There we were lined up on the beach and one of the paddlers is surfing in on a wave. Hello, this is the cove, protected and calm. Once the set, yes set of waves, passed they started the group. The swim goes from the LJ Cove to the Scripps Pier- you swim over the Canyon....scary deep bottom of the ocean, round the buoys and come back. The swim across was awesome and I was loving it. Checked my watch at the buoy and was totally psyched. Much like a head wind on the bike, we had the current going against us and the swells heading back. Took me 35 minutes over and 47 minutes back. The differential was not fatigue but waves and chop. It was so hard...and eventually it was fatigue as well. Up and down and then I got cold. The cove was moving away it seemed....finally, finally I roll onto the beach and am done. NOT a fun swim, but hey, its over and now it doesn't seem so bad. Medals to show the hard work, cool t-shirt and arms that are as tired as my legs.

Broke down and went to Starbucks on the way back to my car....Got the biggest, hottest mocha they would make. Give me the caffeine, sugar and calories- I needed them all. Cranked the heat and ate my grapes and pita chips and cruised home. Awesome family headed to bed early, love that, as I am right behind them!!!

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