Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Packing for Ironman

When you travel for a race it takes planning well before the day before.... since we leave tomorrow, today was about packing.  I started with my race gear...I carry all this on the plane- just in case something gets lost.  This way I know I will have MY stuff....a lot of gear can easily be replaced but not my kit, shoes and all the other well planned out gear.  So I follow my really long check list (every time- just to be safe) and lay it all out and check off each item as I put in the bag. 

This is when the butterflies really kick in....as I am measuring out carbo pro, drawing lines on my bike bottles (why?  so I drink 1/3 of the concentrate every hour on the bike)  1 600 c bottle on my bike and the 2nd bottle in special needs.  3rd bottle in T2 and I carry for 1st hour+ on the run,

Nutrition plan for IM:
Swim- 0 calories  - cannot eat or drink (other than lake water) on the swim
T1- nothing
Bike- 1st 20 minutes sip water to get my stomach settled and then every 30 minutes take 1 big swig from concentrate of carbo pro/Hydra C5 and chase with water-  220 calories /hour-  1 sleeve shot blocks if I need more calories-
3xVO2 max/hour for sodium, electrolytes and amino acids- I dump these in my bento box and eat them like candy- well you get the idea, not baggies or issues there- shot blocks in my jersey pocket and extra sleeve in special needs- see I like having a bag in special needs, gives me something to look forward to.  Even though I know it is a bottle and shot blocks, I like the dream about getting someones snickers bar or some delicious treat..not that I would eat it, but it's fun anyway
Run - Carry 394 (seriously this is the number on the package) why not 400?   calories in one bottle for as long as I can...goal is to get in all calories in 2 hours...ditch the bottle and finish on coke.  And this is where I start the Motivator....all caffeine baby....

The DEA would have a field day with this....really not that exciting but these are my supplements.  Optygen HP, Flax Seed, Glucosomine MGM, Vit E and D,  Pure Maters Multi, Wheat Grass
Now that I have all the important stuff packed...I randomly fill anther giant bag with clothes, shoes and other gear for the 8 days of adventure and fun!!!

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