Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Moose Inn

Monday morning we got up and enjoyed a massive breakfast of gluten free pancakes with bananas + eggs + really crappy hotel room coffee Starbucks coffee.   We made the most of our kitchen(ette) and I was the wife extraordinaire and made banana gluten free pancakes and eggs served in bed!   Since we had spent $1000's for a crappy race we spending a lot of cash we decide to save where we can.
Big Moose Inn from the water
On the road by 11and off to The Big Moose Inn.  Good friends/co workers whom I have known/worked with for over 10 years bought this place 3 years ago in Eagle Bay NY.  They were living in Orlando and packed it all up and moved her to run the 12 room place.  Moosers (as are the people who summer or live her full time) are great people.  This place is not like any place in California.  This is what books are written about.  The locals call their places "camps"  We were invited to a "camp" of some people we met on the deck on Monday night.  This camp is probably worth well over $3 million and is a setting of 3-4 houses with the main house looking like a private inn.  Kids are running all over, parents and grandparents around.  They house was the woman's (who is a bit younger than me) great-grand parents place.  It has been redone, added onto and it simply stunning.   The kids who summer or come for a few weeks take swim lessons every weekday AM on the Big Moose dock 10-12 and then have afternoon activities that range from the local water park to overnight hikes.   Everyone knows everyone.

one of the 3 docks at the BMI
The Big Moose does a tremendous bar and restaurant business and the locals (who many live in homes with water access only) come by boat for a cocktail on the deck or a sensational meal.  We are cell phone service with any carrier and limited wi-fi.  But the restaurant offers sensational ahi, rack of lamb and a wonderful wine list. 

We are making the most of our time....started with a short swim across the lake and then had breakfast on the deck.  Weather on Tuesday brought a lot of rain and we just relaxed and then went out on the boat in the afternoon with the owner and his kids (his 1 day off a week) We saw many of the camps and some just peeking through the trees. All lakefront and with boats and docks afloat.

John was helping with a few projects around the Inn and I was drinking hard cider on the deck checking facebook and ready blogs working.  We had dinner in town with Mark and the kids and a local pizza and bar.   There was no gluten free pizza in Placid but we found some in Inlet NY at the Matts Draft House- that they and our  new favorite beverage, AngryOrchard Hard Cider and Gluten Free Pizza.  Great meal and early to bed.

Training for Ironman is about logging miles in swim,bike,run and that is the fun part (most of the time) but the nutrition and recovery part is the challenge. What to eat and not to eat and when to eat to get the maximum recover.  What do drink and not do drink (alcohol and big training don't mix) So it is a constant vigilance to eat well, hydrate and be well prepared for your next workout.

So post race it is always refreshing to not care.... so for example Monday I had eggs and coffee (not bad) , Frito's for lunch with a red bull (bad), JB and I shared a bottle of wine (no appetizers) and soon had pulled pork nachos... followed by more wine and a delicious dinner. Tuesday was 3-4 cups of coffee (recovering from the genius idea of a 2nd bottle of wine) 1 bagel with peanut butter gu (what a tri geek but I love PB on bagels and the did not have any) lunch was the rest of the chocolate we had brought along and some carrots followed by Angry Orchard Ciders and dinner that started with chocolate chip cookies and pizza and salad.   Gee wonder why I wake up not feeling fresh and cheery....

Today.... I think we shall explore the Fingelake Wineries and continue on Johns serious research on Adirondack chairs for his new business venture.

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