Monday, July 16, 2012

How to start the week off right!

Started off my week my favorite way....coaching a swim session at Ventura Cove 6am!   I usually get up way early to make sure Mako gets in a solid run before I take off...but today still got up at 4:30 Ironman race anxiety already kicking in so eager to start the week.  And took the pups out for a nice walk and chatted with my brother in Shanghai and tossed Mako in the car and off we went..

Beautiful morning and we were at VC by 5:45 and had some fun.  Mako has been wary of the water and reluctant to go in our pool.  I tossed the ball on the beach and each time a little further in the water...within 10 minutes he was a swimming fool. It was great.

Coaching session started and he promptly retrieved his ball and dropped it at my feet. I could coach, videotape and exercise him at the same time.  Again...Mako does not understand what tapering for Ironman means.   Week off to a great start....had a little body work done- IT Bands are not cooperating with me right now- but we have 6 days... all in good time.

Next was checking off the work to do list...I will be working while in LP but want to get ahead as much as possible. I usually write athletes schedules 1 week at a time for maximum monitoring but went ahead and did 2 weeks as I will be a tad busy on Sunday.   Have  list of clients to call and contracts to review for my HPN job and then it is on to packing, last minute shopping....

Okay I checked the weather- Sunday says 
clear Clear. High of 79F. Winds from the WSW at 5 to 10 mph.
I will take it.....I know it....ok back to work!

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